Investment Opportunities

RL West provides a broad range of real estate investment services from single asset investments to multi asset portfolios.
We meet our clients' needs through a range of investment opportunities including acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, and partnerships. We can offer our clients a diversity of investment alternatives from single asset acquisitions to multiple asset portfolio investments. Investment opportunities are available in most RL West projects in areas such as retail, office, or health care.
The current trend among investors is to favor real estate firms that co-invest in newly formed investment vehicles in order to better align the interest of the investor and the development firm; this is a philosophy that RL West has used for many years.
RL West also routinely joint ventures projects with our clients in acquisitions and developments.
RL West Preferred Investor Program
RL West has developed a Preferred Investor Program to broaden the range of options for our investors to enable them to meet their return expectations, while mitigating the risk to our growing investor pool.