Real Estate Development

RL West's development process is all encompassing, requiring a disciplined and structured team, to ensure success in developing high-quality, cost-effective projects in the right markets for our clients.
Our team of experts has years of experience identifying key sites in growth markets for our clients. We continuously update our knowledge of the markets we serve and routinely perform in-depth feasibility studies of potential sites including evaluation of demographics, traffic patterns, and competition.
RL West coordinates all the necessary pieces of every project including vision planning, master planning, environmental planning, construction management, and entitlement requirements. Our team has also acquired a vast network of financial resources, from regional to national banks and insurance companies, to find the right financing for each project.
We lead the site strategy and oversee the entire construction process to ensure the project meets a standard of quality and is completed safely, on time, and on budget.
For more information on RL West's Real Estate Development Services, please contact Mark Lockman.